The following was received anonymously:

Aug 10, 2020, unceded Pacheedaht territory

An informal, grassroots collective of people from across so-called Vancouver Island have established a blockade, preventing Teal Jones Group from blasting roads into the unlogged Fairy Creek watershed.

Fairy Creek is the last intact tributary of the San Juan River system, and one of the few pockets of ancient forest remaining in the region. The forest defenders will escalate their tactics to stop logging of cut blocks adjacent to Fairy Creek, if Teal Jones and the BC NDP refuse to abandon this atrocious incursion, and immediately end old growth logging on Vancouver Island.

We are on the brink of total eradication of the ancient coastal temperate rainforest, reduced to less than 3% of its original extent by logging.

More information and detailed driving directions will follow.

Short, dramatic video showing the imminent threat of these new roads into Fairy Creek:

Blockade location:’37.3%22N+124%C2%B021’38.4%22W/@48.6396915,-124.357926,14z/data=!3m1!1e3