The purpose of BC Blackout is to foment anarchist agitation and action throughout the colonial province of BC and promote self-organization and social conflict against industrial development. We express our solidarity with indigenous rebels who are protecting their homelands, sustainable ways of living, and who are at the front lines of the war against the colonial capitalist Canadian state.

For us, there is no distinction between ecological resistance and class war. The same rich bastards profiting from our dispossession are profiting from destroying the natural world. They extort our consensus with the bribe of jobs, but what good is money on a dead planet? We want to get all the cops and bosses out of our lives, to destroy the capitalist economy and regenerate respectful relationships to the land, our selves and each other.

We encourage you to develop your own analysis, find accomplices and decide for yourself what is the best way to attack the system and take a step towards control over your life. Solidarity means realizing the commonality between each others struggles. With a growing understanding of the Pacific Gateway Transportation Strategy (2012-2020) we are developing and clarifying strategies of our own; towards interrupting the flow of their profit based economy and creating a thoroughly unfavorable climate for investment in this region.

As Vancouver is home to some of the largest international mining companies we wish to draw the links between our own battles here with those of comrades fighting BC based mining operations around the world. All around the world indigenous people, anarchists and other grassroots land defenders are rising up and saying, “No More!” Attacking industrial resource extraction while defending radical ways of living and liberating autonomous space.

Against this miserable global system, our struggles are one!

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