Call OUT: The Year for Indigenous Liberation

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resistance-dutyJanuary 2, 2017


From the home fires to the front lines, from our hearts and our minds, we enter the so called new year with this war cry! What we have seen this year, we have never seen before, colonialism and it’s ugly face is laid bare before us again and again, in the murder of our comrades, rest in power Berta Cáceres, in the destruction of our lands and territories, in the poisoning of our water and in the abuse of our Land and Water defenders. This is the time we look back to ask ourselves what we have done to fight our oppressors, to protect our families and to stand in war, love and solidarity with one another. This is the time we look forward, our weapons and tools in hand, our hearts big and open, our moccasins on the ground and our fists to…

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Fundraising Drive to send Indigenous Delegations to Lelu

Gathering Allies Society

This Fall and Winter the Gathering Allies Society is raising funds to subsidize travel costs for indigenous people from the West Coast who wish to go to the front-line to support the Gitwilgyoots land defense camp at Lelu Island.  Delegations are being organized from Bella Bella, Klemtu, Hartley Bay, Bella Coola, Alert Bay, and Kingcome Inlet.  We need money to pay for the flights and ferries.  Thanks for your help!

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Anti-colonial & Anti-fascist Action: ‘Make it Impossible for This System to Govern on Stolen Land’

Warrior Publications

anti-colonial-anti-fascist-action-web-1 Graphic: Indigenous Action

by Indigenous Action, November 9, 2016

For those of you surprised at the results of this tumultuous spectacle, welcome to the “America” that we have always known.
This is the blinding “greatness of America” that today is invigorated by the islamaphobic anti-immigrant nationalist right.

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Land defenders needed


“Land defenders needed to help hold down a new camp on mt Elphinstone dedicated to stopping a clearcut. You will be fed and sheltered. Message me if you are interested in helping out for any amount of time between now and next spring.”

This callout is from facebook (please direct any questions to the original poster):

The photo above is of a recent burning barricade action to stop logging in the area (also copied from facebook).

More info: