Land defenders needed


“Land defenders needed to help hold down a new camp on mt Elphinstone dedicated to stopping a clearcut. You will be fed and sheltered. Message me if you are interested in helping out for any amount of time between now and next spring.”

This callout is from facebook (please direct any questions to the original poster):

The photo above is of a recent burning barricade action to stop logging in the area (also copied from facebook).

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Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux // No DAPL! Demo Sept. 23 in Victoria


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Resistance heating up on Mt. Elphinstone

From corporate media:

Sunshine Coast logging protest heats up with flaming blockade

Loggers arriving at cut block A87125 in the forest above Roberts Creek Monday morning were greeted by a flaming log blockade across the access road.

The fiery obstacle is the latest salvo in a confrontation that has been simmering since Peninsula Logging won a B.C. Timber Sales auction for the 18-hectare mixed forest earlier this year.

“We thought there would be a protester presence here, but we didn’t expect this,” said Aaron Service, co-owner of Peninsula Logging. “Every time they pull something like this it costs (the crew) about two hours work.”

Several groups of protesters have been camping in the woods near the cut block over the summer, watching for activity on the site.

But with logging now in full swing, the opposition has escalated to protest rallies, road blockades and arrests. Some protesters have entered the worksite.

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Hanjin Collapse leaves containers stranded, causes global shipping chaos


hanjin20boston20stern2016x9People located near west coast ports may’ve noticed some huge container ships sitting oddly idle in near shore waters for days on end recently, unable to complete their business in port. A huge quantity of goods belonging to many corporations throughout the world are currently stranded aboard these ships.

Hanjin Shipping is filing for court receivership, the first step towards what will be the largest container line bankruptcy in history – six times larger than the collapse of United States Lines three decades ago, the previous record holder.

Hanjin operates 98 container ships totalling 600,000 TEU, 11 port terminals and 74 sea routes, in addition to bulker operations.

The long-term fallout from Hanjin Shipping’s insolvency will have far-reaching effects, but the impact is already being felt in ports around the world.

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Emergency call out

EMERGENCY CALLOUT!!!! Cops and loggers came up to serve us an injunction against our blockade saving 800 year old trees on the so called sunshine coast, a short 45 minute ferry ride from vancouver by Roberts creek on the Traditional territories of the squamish and sechelt. Only 5 min from Roberts creek it’s 2.5 km straight up the b and k logging road. They will not go down without a fight. We need as many witnesses as possible because they are going to start arresting any caretakers that get in the way as of tomorrow sept 1! Come camp and bring your friends as we need to do everything we can to stop this atrocity. This is cultural genocide! We are in a climate emergency and can not afford to lose any more old growth. Extra camping gear is available if you don’t have any send me a message or just come and we will take care of you.