Road to Ruin: Resisting the Gateway Freeway Expansion


On April 22, 2011 (Mother Earth Day), hundreds of people marched down River Road in North Delta, BC, Canada (unceded Coast Salish Territories) and established the South Fraser Protection Camp — to disrupt a freeway construction site that was destroying the banks of the Fraser River. It was one of the boldest acts of many years of resistance to the Gateway freeway expansion program, and this film is being released now, five years later, to honour all those involved in the struggle.

It’s also being offered as a point of comparison for folks currently engaged in resistance against newer infrastructural atrocities in the area, such as the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion, the Massey Tunnel megabridge replacement, and Terminal 2 at Deltaport, as well as coal/LNG/jet fuel terminals in the Fraser Delta, etc.

This film is a DIY, anti-profit, anti-capitalist project. If you like it, please support your local grassroots land defender, or be one yourself. We’re no pros but we made an effort to do this compelling tale justice by stitching together everything from news clips to random footage from crappy cameras. We covered a lot of ground but there is much, much more to know if you care to look, or ask. Freedom for the earth, fire for the freeways!

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Update from Lax U’u’laa Defenders for early May 2016

Skeena Defense

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has stated that they are awaiting more scientific data from Petronas befor making their decision on the construction of the PNW LNG facility. Upon receiving a sufficient amount of data, C.E.A.A will enter its final 90 day decision period on the Pacific Northwest LNG terminal.

The Extreme Low tides of may have left the Flora Bank exposed for over a week straight…

Stantec, who is contracted by PNW LNG, has been making regular attempts to conduct work on the Flora Bank.

These rare low tides are just the opportunity PNW LNG needs in order to obtain their data for the deadline.

Despite a unanimous community vote of opposition to this project by the Lax Kwalams, and directly being told they are not welcome by the hereditary leadership, PNW LNG and Stantec continues to disrespect unceded Tsimshian territory.

This video shows one of the many attempts…

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Wild Resistance, Insurgent Subsistence: BC Anarchists on Native Struggles, Building Community, and Undermining Civilization

Skeena Defense

May 17, 2016

From BlackandGreen Review #3

Fracking, tar sands, sour gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) conversion stations and pipelines; in all cases, it would appear that our native friends up north have been trail blazing persistent resistance to the new wave of resource extraction and distribution. As they seem to typify it, it’s just the new face of colonization, but an old enemy.

I had the pleasure of speaking to non-native green anarchists from British Columbia who have been involved with and supporting these encampments and have been able to give us some more details about the encampments, the challenges that they expose for anarchists and as non-natives, the contexts of decolonization and effective forms of resistance, and, most importantly, the role of community and subsistence.

This brings out a lot of vital questions and I greatly anticipate the furthering of this discussion and…

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Log Loader Sabotaged

From Earth First! Newswire

equipmentvandalAccording to Western Canadian Timber Products, Ltd, one of their 290 Hitachi Log Loaders was sabotaged near Mission, British Columbia, outside of Vancouver.

The alleged sabotage took place some time during the evening or early hours of April 11-12th. During the night, the timber company states, “Someone proceeded to cut a gate lock at our Logging location on the Patterson Creek [Road]… The person then placed a rock on the travel controls and proceeded to direct the Log Loader over the bank.

The company went on to remark that “The destruction of this machine has cost our Company greatly[.]”

To our knowledge nobody has taken credit for the action.


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