Fundraising Appeal for the Secwepemc’ulecw Assembly

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Secwepemc no kinder morganAll settler comrades, friends and allies,
Elders and women from the Secwepemc nation are hosting a nation-wide
Secwepemc’ulecw Assembly on the land in June. The goals of the Assembly
are to discuss and take action under Secwepemc law against colonial
corporate development impacting Secwepemc’ulecw without Collective

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Spies in our midst: RCMP and CSIS snoop on green activists

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17 More Reasons to #Resist150

Truthiness was not invented by Donald Trump or Joseph Boyden. It has been part of Canadian culture for a very long time, and this year it is set to flourish with unprecedented splendour. Ricochet – April 27,2017 by Grace Woo Everywhere we turn, some announcer or politician is telling us it is Canada’s 150th birthday. […]

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10 Preliminary Theses On Resistance

A Line Is a Territory

Ian Alan Paul, January, 2017

1. Resistance against Trump will first become manifest in radical acts of negation.

Sabotage this. Slow down that. Undermine a process. Raise questions. Draw lines. Flood systems. Destroy records. Overwhelm institutions. Withdraw your consent. Waste their time. Blockade everything. As Trump tears down the world around him in order to build his own from the wreckage, resistance will necessarily take shape first in spontaneous and audacious refusals. That which cannot be stomached, that which weighs too heavily, that which becomes in too many ways too much will be the gasoline for the fires to come. Pure negativity will be the initial attractor that draws us onto the streets, urgently gathering together beneath banners emblazoned simply with the word “NO.”

2. In collective acts of refusal, opportunities will arise to find in one another something which is not yet present but could be.

Behind burning barricades…

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