The Return of the War in the Woods?


The following was received anonymously:
March 17, 2021 — From deep in the coastal rainforest, to the streets of the colonial capital of so-called British Columbia, to the front page of the Globe & Mail, something is stirring.
After more than 7 months of continuous blockades defending old growth forest on Pacheedaht Territory near Port Renfrew on so-called Vancouver Island, logging company Teal Jones is applying for an injunction to clear the blockades from its operations in Tree Farm License 46.
While the injunction could be granted as soon as March 26, the groundswell of support these grassroots actions are receiving could make this a protracted and ultimately successful struggle.
A thousand people have already been to the frontlines since the first blockade camp was established in August 2020, and hundreds came to a demo at the provincial court in Victoria on March 4, helping to delay the injunction application hearing by 3 weeks.
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BCBlackOut “blacklisted” by Facebook


blacklist_stampIt has come to our attention that this site — — has been “blacklisted” by Facebook. Numerous people report that they are unable to share links on Facebook to posts originating here, receiving instead a message from Facebook that we have been blacklisted because “others reported content from this site as abusive”.

We can only speculate that posts such as this which were shared over 1,000 times on Facebook in the hours immediately following their publication here, may have upset some who support the RCMP invasion of sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory, causing them to report our defiant content as “abusive”.

sabotageIn any case, corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Google have been known to surveil, suppress and censor subversive activity in any number of ways, some more overt than others. We have always been, and always will be opposed to all methods and systems of social control.

Nevertheless, you can still share our posts on Facebook if you want to… you’ll just have to copy and paste the entire contents of the post yourself… and after you’re done, get off the internet… we’ll see you in the streets!!

Breaking: 2nd Fairy Creek Blockade Established


The following was received anonymously:

August 17, 2020 — Grassroots forest defenders from across Vancouver Island have successfully prevented Teal Jones Group from blasting logging roads into the unlogged headwaters of the Fairy Creek watershed for the past week.

On Monday August 10th, a blockade was established where the new roads were about to crest a ridge into the west side of the watershed. The blockaders successfully turned away the road builders early that morning. Teal Jones removed their road building equipment on Tuesday August 11th, and the blockade has remained in place continuously since then.

This morning, a second blockade has been established just to the east of the Fairy Creek watershed, preventing Teal Jones from building roads which have been approved for construction into that side of the unlogged valley, located on unceded Pacheedaht Territory.

This new blockade also obstructs old growth logging already in progress east of Fairy Creek. This stretch of ancient forest is contiguous with the intact old growth forest within the Fairy Creek watershed, but would be severed if the logging is allowed to continue.

A massive, ancient cedar recently felled by Teal Jones in one of the old growth cut blocks now being blockaded:


“If anyone has ever felt called in their heart to take a stand for old growth forests, we invite them to join us here in Premier John Horgan’s own electoral riding: at our first blockade, or at this new, more easily accessible second blockade,” stated one of the forest defenders, who are demanding an end to old growth logging on so-called Vancouver Island.

1. from the T intersection of Deering Rd & Pacific Marine Rd in Port Renfrew, go east on Pacific Marine for 8.4 km
2. turn left onto Granite Main, proceed 6.7 km until a big fork in the road. This is the site of blockade #2. Just down the left fork is a bridge over Renfrew Creek.
The radio channel posted for Granite Main is 158.190 mhz
Signage indicates that the contractor doing the logging here is Mount Sicker.



August 8, 2020 (Anonymous Communique] Last night, a group of Wet’suwet’en barricaded and set fire to the train tracks trespassing on our territory in an act of solidarity with the Mohawks of Six Nations. We are all sovereign peoples and an attack on the Mohawk is an attack on all of us. As Indigenous people […]


BREAKING: Blockade to Protect Fairy Creek Headwaters

The following was received anonymously:

Aug 10, 2020, unceded Pacheedaht territory

An informal, grassroots collective of people from across so-called Vancouver Island have established a blockade, preventing Teal Jones Group from blasting roads into the unlogged Fairy Creek watershed.

Fairy Creek is the last intact tributary of the San Juan River system, and one of the few pockets of ancient forest remaining in the region. The forest defenders will escalate their tactics to stop logging of cut blocks adjacent to Fairy Creek, if Teal Jones and the BC NDP refuse to abandon this atrocious incursion, and immediately end old growth logging on Vancouver Island.

We are on the brink of total eradication of the ancient coastal temperate rainforest, reduced to less than 3% of its original extent by logging.

More information and detailed driving directions will follow.

Short, dramatic video showing the imminent threat of these new roads into Fairy Creek:

Blockade location:’37.3%22N+124%C2%B021’38.4%22W/@48.6396915,-124.357926,14z/data=!3m1!1e3