Caught this a couple months late, but still wanna pass it along…



A peaceful anti logging blockade on unceded Shishalh territory has been subjected to ongoing assaults and abuse from person or people unknown. This blockade was destroyed by an person or people in a vehicle, fortunately none of the land defenders have been harmed so far.


This blockade which has been personed for over a month has been constructed due to an ongoing, fifty years, problem with logging in and around watersheds which has been destroying the terra firma, causing landslides and is destroying the fish habitat and spawning grounds.


This fifty year problem is the result of colonial occupation of unceded indigenous territories, which is the root cause of all the discord, genocide and corruption.


The blockade is only protecting a small area which is within the water shed, outside of this area there is a great deal of active logging taking place unimpeded yet the assaults and threats against…

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