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The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has stated that they are awaiting more scientific data from Petronas befor making their decision on the construction of the PNW LNG facility. Upon receiving a sufficient amount of data, C.E.A.A will enter its final 90 day decision period on the Pacific Northwest LNG terminal.

The Extreme Low tides of may have left the Flora Bank exposed for over a week straight…

Stantec, who is contracted by PNW LNG, has been making regular attempts to conduct work on the Flora Bank.

These rare low tides are just the opportunity PNW LNG needs in order to obtain their data for the deadline.

Despite a unanimous community vote of opposition to this project by the Lax Kwalams, and directly being told they are not welcome by the hereditary leadership, PNW LNG and Stantec continues to disrespect unceded Tsimshian territory.

This video shows one of the many attempts…

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