From Likhts’amisyu Stronghold’s Facebook page

togistyFrom Toghestiy: I’m helping the Unistoten off and on lately but spending also a lot of time in the bush. I am still in need of support and fundraising to make this new camp viable. I am also looking for help to start a Supporter House to provide logistical support from nearby communities. Any and all help is needed. Sne Kal Yah!!!

July 31 – Likhts’amisyu Stronghold will be hosting a new Supporter House in to accommodate supporters coming to assist with the frontline land defenders. A house has been secured and is in the process of being renovated and prepared to house allies coming to help with land defense. More information will be made available over the next few days on details. A mailing address will supplied soon to begin taking financial donations. Material donations can be made through this page or organized via an email address at Pass this on and show your support!!