We send condolences, health and strength to our comrade Mel and other friends, family, and kin of Joanne Peters. We didn’t know her ourselves, but have been heavily inspired by the resistance community she is a part of. We will continue to weave our threads of solidarity towards decolonization and total liberation.

These pictures and the following text were posted on Unist’ot’en Camp Facebook on December 16.

“Today we lost an important part of our team… every team needs a spiritual mentor and advisor. Today we lost Joanne Peters wonderful mother of Mel Bazil. Please send you prayers to Mel and his family and they deal with the loss of the matriarch of their close knit family unit. Jo helped us at the camp many times over the past couple of decades and was integral in helping us develop and strategize for a future of honorable warriors who would stand up to imperialism. She will be missed.”