The Uncontrollable Ones


from Native Voices United (Facebook)

Today along Highway 11 things got rough.

RCMP blocked off the road, arrests were made, there were reports of police dogs chasing people in the woods, and an SWN security vehicle hit 3 women.

An ambulance was called and 2 women were sent to the hospital; meanwhile the RCMP did nothing.

In the court house, the Judge dismissed arguments made by Melissa Augustine of behalf of all Jane Does named in the injunction, as well as arguments of other defendants, calling them “opinions.”

SWN’s injunction was thus extended until December 17.

Protestors outside of the courthouse reacted by putting blue tape over their mouths and linking arms. Someone shouted that they will go join the protestors on the highway.

Footage emerged from the road of women being assaulted and arrested by RCMP. Soon after, Highway 11 was set ablaze with flaming tires as protestors enacted…

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