Trinidad specializes in Deep Drilling going more than 6000 ft into the earth

Trinidad specializes in Deep Drilling, 87% able to drill more than 6000 ft into the earth

A small business that is making big headlines in the corporate investment world is the young Calgary based company Trinidad Drilling Ltd. Toting themselves as specializing in deep drilling solutions, in July of this year the company secured a deal “to build a 3,000 horsepower rig, Canada’s largest land- based oil and gas drilling rig, and operate it for five years in the Liard Basin of northeastern British Columbia to drill for gas supplies for a LNG terminal…” according to The Financial Post (05/09/13). At the time the recipient of this contract was undisclosed but a report titled Is 2014 a Breakout Year for This Small-Cap Drilling Company?  posted October 2nd, 2013 list the partners as Apache Energy and Chevron. This report also goes on to accredit Trinidad Drilling Ltd.’s development of new advanced technology and equipment the reason these companies are able to operate and access hard to access LNG in the basin at all.

Because of Trinidad’s fleet of high-performance rigs, opportunities in Northern B.C. Canada have become available. Apache Energy (NYSE: APA  )   and Chevron (NYSE: CVX  ) , which are 50/50% owners of the Kitimat LNG plant, the Pacific Trail Pipeline and 644,000 acres of undeveloped land in the Horn River and Liard basins, have recently signed a five-year, take-or-pay contract with Trinidad Drilling. As Chevron Canada (which will operate the LNG plant and the pipeline while Apache Canada will operate the upstream assets) is looking to expand on its long-standing relationships in key Asian markets, the need for some of the most advanced and reliable drilling equipment in the business is there. To meet these needs it contracted Trinidad Drilling to build a new rig designed to drill natural gas in the Laird Basin. Chevron, Apache, and Trinidad anticipate that this rig will be one of Canada’s largest, most reliable, and most technologically advanced land rigs. Construction of the rig is expected to be completed in Q3 of 2014.

Despite it’s name the company does not operate in Trinidad or Tobago and is located in Calgary, Alberta. Thought they should get the recognition they deserve. And here’s our new superstar …