Government official says arrests prompted after SWN equipment was damaged   CBC News, June 10, 2013

antishaleAnti-shale gas protesters were arrested on Sunday after equipment owned by SWN Resources Canada was damaged, according to a government official.

The reasons for the arrests on Sunday are conflicting, however.

While a government official says the arrests were prompted after protesters damaged equipment, demonstrators say three people were arrested because they were not keeping far enough away from the equipment.

“I clarified with the police officers that it was about 150 feet, which was the length of one and a half telephone poles. We looked and we were being told with their arms out, corralling us, telling us to go, to move,” Rish McGlynn said.

McGlynn said she saw three people arrested at about 4 p.m., but she plans to return to the site to protest as long as the trucks are there.

A SWN official confirmed on Monday that equipment was damaged.

“We can confirm equipment was stolen and damaged. As we have reported the matter to the RCMP for investigation,we will not discuss further,” said Tracey Stephenson in a statement.

No one from the RCMP has been available to comment on the arrests.