clayoquot8The annual general meeting of Imperial Metals in downtown Vancouver on May 29 was visited by Indigenous resisters of its proposed mining projects on un-ceded land in so-called British Columbia.

They successfully got past police into the building where the meeting was being held (Terminal City Club) to declare their messages to Imperial’s brass and investors with megaphones, before being roughed up and removed by the VPD pigs who worked as one with the building’s corporate rent-a-cops as per usual.

The resisters came from as far as Neskonlith/Secwepemc and Ahousaht/Nuu Chah Nulth territories to state in no uncertain terms that Imperial Metals is not welcome on their lands.

Imperial’s Ruddock Creek project is located near Tum Tum lake in the headwaters of the Upper Adams River. The project is in the advanced stage of exploration but is but is being opposed by Secwepemc people from Neskonlith and Adams Lake. Traditionalists from these communities erected a blockade in 2011 and in February 2013 they issued a Sacred Water Declaration; “we will not, under any condition, compromise the health of our water and our future generations…we will not accept any monies or incentives from these mining corporations wanting to mine within our Secwepeculecw boundaries,” states the declaration.

Imperial Metals is also planning two mining projects in Clayoquot Sound. Chitaapi (Catface Mountain) in Ahousaht territory, contains low-grade copper-molybdenum ore. Catface Mountain mine is a mountain-top removal scheme that would take place only 3 km from the village of Ahousat. Fandora, a potential gold mine, would be at the head of Tranquil Valley, on Tla-o-qui-aht territory, for which the provincial government is currently reviewing an application for exploration. They have not consulted with the Tla-o-qui-aht, who are opposed to mining in their homelands.

According to Sacheen of Ancestral Pride Ahousaht Sovereign Territory, “We, as sovereign Indigenous people and nations, will continue to protect our waters and lands from industrial genocide. Imperial Metals management is pursuing destructive mining projects in sensitive, highly valued ecosystems and has not obtained our free prior and informed consent for their operations. Imperial Metals is not welcome on sovereign Ahousaht territory.”

Imperial’s Red Chris copper-gold mine has also faced resistance from Tahltan people.

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