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Teach-In April 28th on Lekwungen and Wsanec Territories:

NoPtPAn all-day decolonization Teach-In in order to prepare and strategize settler resistance to settler colonialism from “right here, right now” on Lekwungen and Wsanec territories, to the Unis’tot’en resistance against pipeline construction and resource extraction on Wet’suwe’ten territories.

This Teach-In will provide settlers with an understanding of how the destruction of land as well as violence experienced by Indigenous peoples, who stand in
assertion of their inherent sovereignty, can be located in both a historical and contemporary reality of colonialism. In preparing for resistance to the Pacific Trail Pipelines, this Teach-In will begin to prepare settler people to stand alongside Indigenous peoples in resisting the ongoing processes of colonialism – whether that be at the Unis’tot’en camp in the spring and summer, or elsewhere.

Hereditary Chief Toghestiy of the Likhsts’amisyu Clan, Unis’tot’en Spokesperson Freda Huson, and Warrior and Teacher Mel Bazil of the Gitimt’en Clan will be joining us for this event and will share with us their stories of resistance and
resilience. After which, decolonization activist Carol Bilson Araucana, will lead a
workshop for settlers working towards decolonization.
The day will conclude with a supper to share experiences of the day’s events, along with insights and experiences from those who attended last year’s Unis’tot’en Action Camp.

The date for the Teach-In is Sunday
April 28th 9:30-6:30

It is being held in the Harry Hickman Building Room 110 and 116 at the University of Victoria on Lekwungen Territories.

Entry to participate in the Teach-In is free. However, we encourage you to either donate non-perishable food or money to the Unis’tot’en camp, which can be brought with you to the Teach-In.


Please follow this link to register on line:


Meals will be provided, along with bus tickets and childcare for those who need them. When registering, please indicate dietary, childcare, and other needs, as the organizers of this Teach-In are committed to creating as safe and accessible a space as possible. Please let us know if you have any requirements in order to participate.

For more detailed information about the Teach-In and Accessibility please visit
our blog:

For more information about the Unis’tot’en camp and their front line resistance please visit:

For more information about the spring and summer caravans to the Unis’tot’en camp and how you can support them, please check out VicFAN’s website here:


Last but not least, join us after the Teach-In on Monday April 29th at The Harder
They Come—radical drag and burlesque fundraiser for Wild Coast and the Unis’tot’en Caravan. Featuring Janet Rogers—Victoria’s poet laureate and author of “Red Erotic”, Mandy Lushious, Mitzy Turnpike and more!

Tickets and more information are available online at
or in person at Garden of Eden, 1483 Douglas St.