Application/EIS received by EAO April 4, 2013

The Raven Coal Mine Project Application/EIS document has now been received ( April 4, 2013) by the CEAA/BCEAO and the 30-day screening period has commenced. The CEAA and BCEAO along with the Working Group will now review the document to determine if it’s complete. Since the 30-day period deadline falls on a day that is not a regular business day, the deadline day for screening is May 6, 2013.

After this initial screening process is completed and if the Application/EIS is accepted it will be posted on the BCEAO website at:www.eao.gov.bc.ca and the formal 180-day Application Review Stage will commence.

The 50-day public comment period will most likely commence early on in the 180 day Application Review Stage and will be preceded by a 7-day public notice in local newspapers and the media. We don’t encourage waiting for this time to make your opinions known. Organize now!

See http://www.complianceenergy.com/index.php for CEC News Release


Compliance Energy announces submission of the RAVEN EA Application/EIS

News Release, Compliance Energy Corp., March 21 2013let'sgo

Compliance Energy has filed an announcement that the Application and Environmental Impact Statement for its proposed Raven Underground Coal project is being submitted as of March 21, 2013.

There’s no time like the present to be evaluating our strategies and tactics towards completely shutting down this project. We do not intend to wait for the environmental assessment to approve this, much like it did in the case of the Quinsam Mine (see Graham Brazier’s article for more info on Quinsam/Raven similarities)

Under BC legislation, once the submission has been received by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO), and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA), they have 30 days in which to accept the application, or send it back for revisions. Once accepted by the BC EAO, the project review is officially underway, with a 50 day comment period, and a 180 day review period.

Now is go time.

Read the Canada Newswire Announcement Here