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Everywhere Chevron operates they exploit land and people for shareholder profit, often they use force and intimidation, very rarely do they take responsibility for the consequences. From the US to Nigeria, Australia to Equador, Brazil to Bangladesh, Chevron brings death and destruction. In Canada, Chevron’s Pacific Trail Pipeline threatens unceded indigenous land. Today [March 30] groups from around the world unite and take action in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en and all frontline communities affected by Chevron, to clearly state, Chevron your time has come your days are numbered! Stop Fracking Chevron!

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calgarySupporters in Solidarity with the Unist’ot’en met at the head office of Chevron Canada, then marched to Apache HQ to deliver notice from the Unist’ot’en that Chevron and Apache Energy are not permitted on Unist’ot’en Unceded Territory.


burnabySolid allies Rising Tide – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories blocked traffic for 4 hours at Chevron with aClimate Crime Circus. Unis’tot’en Clan representatives were on hand to pledge continued resistance. Clan spokesperson Freda Husan told the crowd, “We will resist all of their plans. We will act to protect our lands, the increasingly unstable climate and to do what is best for future


victoriaCommunity activists on a critical mass bicycle ride consecutively blockaded three Chevron gas stations today, distributing flyers and wrapping the stations in crime scene tape.

Great Plains

greatplainsMembers of the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance Coalition did a banner drop in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en Camp Global Day of Action to protest Chevron.

Chevron Global HQ in San Ramon, CA

sanfranIn solidarity with a global day of actions happening all over North America on March 30, a group called Anti-Colonial Queer Action (ACQA) traveled from San Francisco to San Ramon, CA (Ohlone Territories), where Chevron has its global headquarters, to demonstrate against fracking pipelines on Unist’ot’en and Wet’suwet’en territories and deliver a message from the Unist’ot’en to Chevron.

ACQA hoisted a banner that stated “No Fracking Pipelines on Indigenous Territories,” to the flagpoles outside of Chevron’s compound at 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd. Afterwards, members of ACQA read out and delivered a letter, written by Unist’ot’en spokesperson Freda Huson.

Hamilton, Ontario

hamiltonSupporters in Hamilton who are also opposing the Line 9 reversal that would bring tar sands east. We stand together against all these dirty pipelines!

San Francisco

San Fran1On Thursday allies gathered in front of a local Chevron Station to say “Chevron wants to build the massive Pacific Trails Pipeline that would carry fracked gas across unceded indigenous territory. We join frontline communities, Idle No More, & Rising Tide – among others – in telling Chevron to Frack Off!”

Chico, California

chico“At least 30 of us on four busy corners in front of a local (Chico, Ca.) Chevron station this evening. Handing out anti-fracking info to interested motorists. Solidarity with Stopping the Pacific Trail Pipeline but also with stopping Fracking in California and preserving precious water.”


TorontoOn March 28 members of Rising Tide Toronto delivered letters of trespass to the top institutional investors of Chevron, while hosting impromptu “educational sessions” outside their offices. This was done in solidarity with actions taking place on Saturday March 30th, as cities across the country answer the Unist’ot’en’s call for actions against Chevron and those that finance their fracking projects.

“Today we visited Chevron’s investors to let them know that the Pacific Trail Pipeline isn’t going to happen,” said Taylor Flook, a member of Rising Tide Toronto. “The Unist’ot’en are mounting a determined resistance against incursions onto their territory, and a space is being carved out where we can change the course of Canada’s energy future.”