This Guy is an Asshole

This Guy is an Asshole

An apparent brainchild of the Minister of Energy, Mines, and Natural Gas Rich Coleman (no shit, this is actually his name!), “Fueling the Future: Global Opportunities for LNG in BC” is a conference aimed at highlighting to the global market the “vast supply of natural gas (in BC) … (and the) important steps forward (taken thus far), including policy changes to foster growth and to ensure power is available to support development.” Read Bill C-45? Site C Dam?

Not surprised you didn’t really hear of this little shindig? Well, it’s not really a public relations event. With tickets tagged at a hefty $1200 a pop, this gala is geared towards industry big shots, investors, government, and their puppets. See who’s who in the industry and who’s collaborating with the State here: LNG-Conference-Agenda

Despite numerous communities protest to the industrialization and destruction of the land, and their tokenistic consultation processes, these institutions have no plans of stopping production. They could probably use a reality check, a really big reality check.

For more info on the conference see: Fueling the Future: Global Opportunities for LNG in BC