Sitting on Kinder Morgan propaganda.Dec 5th – Sitting on Kinder Morgan propaganda.

“These people from Texas are billionaires. They make almost a million each ship that comes into my inlet… It’s not if they have a spill it’s when they have a spill…it’s gonna kill everything including ourselves… It’s time to warrior up and stop them right now.” – Tsliel-Waututh Elder, Ta’ah George at the ‘She Speaks’ event last Sept at the Native Friendship Centre in East Vancouver 

Although we are against “respectfully engaging” with representatives of Kinder Morgan or any other corporation, we salute our comrades in Victoria for this disruptive social action. – BCB

Kinder Morgan Shuts Down Pipeline Open House at the Earliest Sign Of Community Opposition

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December 5th (Coast Salish Territories, Victoria) – Community members responding to the Tsleil-Waututh nation’s request to respectfully engage Kinder Morgan about its Trans Mountain expansion project were unable to register their concerns at the Kinder Morgan open house, as Kinder Morgan reps shut down the open house several hours early at 6:30pm.

“Kinder Morgan says it wants to consult with community, but when the community shows up with real concerns and challenges the misinformation that the company is spreading, instead of engaging in dialogue Kinder Morgan reps shut down the open house,” said Eric Nordal from Social Coast.

For the first hour of the open house, community members engaged with representatives, asking questions and reading the company’s signs and literature. At 6pm, concerned community members peacefully proceeded to take down Kinder Morgan’s signs and put up their own. Their signs showed their concerns and sought to add another perspective to the information session. When Kinder Morgan was asked to read the signs and stay for a public discussion, they refused, promptly left and hid in the next room refusing to participate.

Julie-Anne Blackpen pointed out that “Kinder Morgan is trying to brand itself as a corporation that listens to communities in the areas affected by its pipelines. But, the opposite is true. What Kinder Morgan showed tonight is that its ‘community consultation’ is actually an advertising campaign. If the message isn’t going the way it likes, it shuts down the consultation.”

Among the messages Kinder Morgan does not want to hear is that First Nations across Turtle Island are saying ‘NO’ to the further devastation of their health and traditional territories through resource extraction. Seb Bonet stated, “As settlers we need to take responsibility and begin to heal the open wounds of Turtle Island. This means standing in solidarity with Nations like the Lubicon, Wet’suwet’en and Tsleil-Waututh that are on the front lines of this struggle.”