This post is to give a general sense of the trajectory that some anarchists have been on in Vancouver since the 2010 Olympics and the notoriety received from the Heart Attack demonstration Feb 13th 2010. The list ends May 2012

March 2010 – Reflection on anarchists and mass mobilizations due to the Olympics:

May 2010 – Grandview Park action against redevelopment:

June 2010 – Anti-G8/G20 Demo:

July /August 2010 – Response to anti-black bloc hysteria stemming from G20 riots:

New Year’s Eve 2010/ 2011 Anti-prison demo:

March 2011 – Solidarity with Mapuche’s and anarchists in Chile:

May Day 2011 –

Vancouver 2011 “Hockey” Riot –

Unis’tot’en camp August 2011 –

(anarchist statement of support from November 2011)

Occupy Vancouver, October 2011 to January 2012 –

December 2011, Solidarity with G20 defendants:

December 2011 anti-PTP demo:

New Year’s Eve 2011/ 2012 Anti-prison demo:

January and March 2012, ARA and Antifa, actions and analysis:

Feb 2012, Analysis of why wearing a mask is important:

May Day 2012 –

May 2012, Analysis of a diversity of tactics in Montreal: