An Anarchist Report Back June 20th, 2012

Defiance Not Compliance!

At around 2pm this afternoon at Howe and Pandora a few dozen demonstrated against the Compliance Energy Corporation (CEC).

CEC was holding their Annual General Meeting of shareholders just five floors above the demo. Although a new company they have big plans to exploit coal and other resources on Vancouver Island. Their primary project, the ‘Raven Coal Mine’ has faced widespread opposition in the Comox Valley area, where the mine is being planned.

After a short rally held on the sidewalk outside the front entrance by about a dozen environmentalists, a couple dozen anarchists joined them. The anarchists banged pots and pans, waved black flags and carried a banner that read ‘Defiance Not Compliance.’ As the two demos converged hundreds of leaflets became airborne and rained down on everyone announcing a radical opposition to the ‘Raven Coal Mine’.

Pigs Protecting the AGM

Posters and leaflets for the demo called for a disruption of the meeting itself. Any plans to this effect were thwarted by a flank of cops guarding the entrance and further police presence in and around the building.

One man spoke who came from Buckley Bay (a small town located close to where CEC wants to put the mine). He spoke about the obvious personal aversion to having a toxic mine in his neighbourhood. He also spoke about the drastic effects burning coal has on our atmosphere.

Another environmental activist spoke about her efforts over the last two years, talking to all kinds of non-political activists who are opposing this mine. She also further outlined the cost of coal.

To the Streets!

One anarchist spoke in solidarity with all those in  Comox Valley who are moving to direct action against the ‘Raven Coal Mine.’  He also expressed solidarity with traditional Indigenous communities all over the territory, standing in the way of industrial developments.

After a good half hour or so of banging, most of the environmentalists had dispersed. The remaining crowd of mostly anarchists marched to the headquarters of the ‘Bank of Montreal’  on Burrard. The group quickly entered. A smoke bomb was set off, useless BMO crap was tossed around and more of the leaflets were thrown into the air. The BMO was targeted because they do business with the Compliance Energy Corporation.

The rebels quickly dispersed after leaving the bank.

No arrests.